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Street Crepes…

And the Not So Perfect Vacation.

Street Crépes! …but let’s come back to that. Have you ever spent hours planning the “perfect trip”? You researched, obsessed, and followed ALL the tips and tricks? AND THEN YOU GOT THERE..

The hotel had a view of a brick wall, the ‘authentic’ dinner was unrecognizable, and you got lost & missed your chance to see the Moulin Rouge in person.⁣

What if you had saved all those hours planning “the perfect trip” and searching for the “best deal” and had a trip full of memories that linger instead of ones that you would rather forget?

What if all the details were taken care of for you? What if you just showed up and had fun? What if things didn’t go perfectly, (really, when do they) but you still traveled happy, learned something, and just had less stress? What if you knew the best place to get street crepes with a perfect view?⁣

Studies show that money spent on travel makes you happier than money spent on material goods.⁣

Find out how I can help you travel happy with less stress today! I craft immersive vacation experiences that are accessible to everyone. I work hard to remove barriers to travel so that no one says: “I would take that trip but…”. Whatever ‘your but’ from finances to special needs, I get you on track to making better memories today. Take a vacation full of fun and not regret.

Booking travel worldwide from tomorrow until 2023. Schedule a no obligation planning session now⁣!

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Published by sarahtravelshappy

I’m a mom of 3 special needs kiddos & a full service travel agent. I specialize in family, couples, & special needs/autism travel. I’d love to help you travel happy today!

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